The Founder

Dr. Serigne Dioum is Card Technologies' Chief Science Officer and acts as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Dioum is assisted by an International Board of Directors and Technical Advisors comprised of Financial, Legal and Scientific Professionals.

Dr. Dioum obtained his PhD in Plasma Physics and worked with prestigious research institutes and laboratories.

Dr. Dioum continues to do ongoing research in emerging contaminants and other areas of water in the world. Details of Card Technologies facility and Dr. Dioum's resume are available on request.

Card Technologies

Card Technologies was founded in 2004 by Dr. Serigne Dioum.

Card Technologies specializes in nanotechnology R&D in environmental and biomedical areas. Production facilities for its Nanocar+© product are located in Olivet, France.

Dr. Serigne Dioum, CEO/CSO

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